Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard is one of the most famous and influential pulp authors of the twentieth century. Though largely known as the man who invented the sword-and-sorcery genre–and for his iconic hero Conan the Cimmerian–Howard also wrote horror tales, desert adventures, detective yarns, epic poetry, and more.

We have a growing selection of Robert E. Howard’s work.

NestREH_crimson_shadowsThe Best of Robert E. Howard Volume 1
Crimson Shadows


NestREH_grim_landsThe Best of Robert E. Howard Volume 2
Grim Lands


REH_soloman_kaneThe Savage Tales of Solomon Kane


Exile of Atlantis
REH_horrorThe Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard

Conan – Robert E. Howard

conan_collectionThe original, unabridged, original tales of Conan the Barbarian, a warrior in the legendary lands near the Vilayet Sea, and records his many adventures.

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