Spring Has Sprung?? Ready for Books?

It’s almost time for the sunny days of lounging and reading. Why not try a book?

Books Half Price or Less

People often ask “how do you price your books?”. The simple answer is “all of our books are half price or less”. So if a mass market paperback is $11.00 we charge $5.50. Or if a trade paperback is $19.99 we charge $7.99. Now here is what makes us different. That paperback you paid $5.50 for you can trade back because it has a credit value of $2.75 towards your next book.

Our customers love this for a number of reasons mainly being they have a place to return their read books. The other main reason is the cost saving.

Read all about book trading and how it works.

Children & Youth Books

Gstilton_pack_1Fiction Addiction now carries a large selection of new and used good value Children and Youth books.

One of our Spring features is a selection of Geronimo Stilton books at $5.99 each.

Other is our selection of “Flower Fairies”, “Star Wars” activity and Mad Labs books “Hello Kitty”, “Adventure Time”, “Frozen”, “Superhero” and others.



WANTED – Dungeons & Dragons or RPG Books

We pay cash for good used D&D (3.5+), Pathfinder and other RPG books and accessories.

Give me a call  289-296-6268 or shoot me an email and maybe we can make a deal.


Wanted – Used Graphic Novels / RPG Books

51hdak6OXZLWe pay cash!

We are looking for good used main stream graphic novels and RPG books. Small to medium sized collections prefered. Sorry no manga.

Please give me a call 289-296-6268 or use our contact link and let’s make a deal.