Our 7th Anniversary

Today marks our 7th year in business. Thanks Niagara you are the greatest!

Our Fifth Anniversary

I received a call the other day from a customer that reminded me that it’s been five years since we sold our first book. Interestingly enough she was the person that bought that book.

I got to thinking back to the beginning. Building shelves. Loading and unloading hundreds and hundreds of books. Labeling all the books. Alphabetizing the books. Filling the shelves. During all of this organized chaos people were coming in, asking us about the store.

Wow five years for a tiny Indie bookstore in Niagara Falls. Even though many people thought we were nuts for opening a bookstore when the whole world was going digital. We now average sales of about 10,000 books each year, so I guess we aren’t as crazy as they thought we were.

Our success can be attributed to one thing. You our wonderful customers!


Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451 60th Anniversary

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