Separate Ways: by Mathew Piccirillo

Mathew a longtime patron of Fiction Addiction has just released his first book called Separate Ways (description below). It’s available as a free download on Amazon Apple iBooks Barnes & Noble Google Play and Kobo.

Book description:

Corvus Bakari is a young mechanic that is determined to get him and his younger sister, Sasha off the backwater world of Fares for a better life. When war breaks out on their home world, Sasha is kidnapped by a pair of slave traders forcing Corvus to team up with a mysterious mercenary who seems to be the only chance he’s got to find his sister in a vast & dangerous galaxy. The closer they get to Sasha, the less likely her survival is as a rogue pilot & an infamous slave killer battle for her ownership. Will Corvus & the mysterious mercenary rescue Sasha, or will a galactic war & a deep rooted slave trade consume them in this tale of vengeance, turmoil & hope?

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