Demo Sale

We have a demo copy of Fireball Island $62.99 and a demo of Dark Souls The Board Game $89.99 up for grabs. We also have a used copy of Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition complete and in great condition available for $49.99.

Tali the gentle giant is in the store Wednesday’s and Saturday’s to help out.


The “SUMMERTIME BLUES” starts this Thurs. June 13 at 7 P M a great line up is in store for you …OPENING UP THE SERIES … “GROOVE REVIEW”All the usual amenities .. food, drink, (adult beverages) , play ground, dog park etc. .. even the etc. is better this year !!

Summertime Blues 2019

GNGH Auxiliary

Book Sale 50% Off Storewide

Friday May 31 and June 1 2019 only.