Introducing: Darren Hogarth

I had the opportunity the other day to meet Darren Hogarth and discuss his books which are outlined below.

Kingston Rock(s):

In Kingston’s toughest ghetto, two forces reign supreme. One is the ghetto’s vicious Don. The other is reggae.
Errol Bowen lives his life torn between the two forces. Necessity pushes Errol into marijuana sales and the Don’s control, but his love of music defines him and keeps him going when all else fails.
Errol establishes himself as a popular DJ, orchestrating a way out of the ghetto, but the Don doesn’t release anyone easily. A white American woman living in Kingston offers aid for Errol’s family, at the cost of social status. When the Don makes an attack on Errol’s family, vengeance is the only option.




Whatever Sticks Most:

Nothing heals the body and soul like moving with the rhythm of life.
Myles is a heavy-duty workaholic. Years of drive and dedication have helped him become a partner in an engineering firm and buy pretty much anything he wants. But it has come at a price. The unrelenting stress on his body has manifested in a herniated disc that has turned a successful thirty-seven year-old man into an old man seemingly overnight—and caused his girlfriend to leave him. It’s clear to all who know Myles that there’s one thing he’s missing, and it is that one thing that can help ease his pain in every facet of his life: balance. To help him find it, his friend Roy convinces him to visit Jamaica and use his home there for a vacation.
Suddenly immersed in the vibe and rhythm of the island nation where “No problem” should be the national phrase, the cares, worries, and pains of Myles’ life in Toronto slowly but surely melt away. Surrounded by the unshakeable kindness and generosity of Miss Pearl and the soulful Rastafarian Moses, Myles experiences a shift in life focus when his vacation for the purpose of healing becomes so much more: a journey of spiritual enlightenment, culture shock, and the humbling confusion of love.
A profoundly moving and deeply spiritual experience, Whatever Sticks Most takes you on a journey that will forever change the way you look at work, life, and love.

More information about Darren and his works can be found on his website

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