Book Trading

Get The Best Value From Your Used Books! Trade Them In!



We believe in renewable reading. Our motto is “Read Return and Save”


We give store credits for your good to new condition used books.

  • Good to new condition used books up to 25%
  • Harlequin / Silhouette trade 2 for 1 (no credit value)

Your credits can be shared with family and friends! Using credits is like a 50% off coupon from our already low prices.

Books traded or donated that we can’t use are donated to the G.N.G.H. for the gift shop and book sales to benefit the Greater Niagara Hospital.

Sorry we can’t take ex-library books, Readers Digest, cook books, magazines, encyclopedia’s of any type, marked discarded, or books with clipped corners. Hard cover books must have dust jackets.

Please Note: We can no longer take hardcovers that are more than a couple years old.

For a list of book categories that we take CLICK HERE

Redeeming Credits:
When purchasing books your credits may be applied towards 50% of the purchase. Example: a $5.00 book can be purchased with $2.50 in store credits and $2.50 cash or other payment type.

Please Note:
Credits have no cash value. Credits are redeemable on used books only. Credit values are based on fair market value and can change without notice.