Pelham Live An All Original Music Night

An interesting event happening this Saturday Nov. 3 and the “NEW MERIDIAN COMMUNITY CENTER” in Pelham / Fonthill .. It’s an all original music event for area artists that have and do original material ie: “Stepped In What ?” …. it’s a FREE event and I’m sure you’ll enjoy all the acts … Starts at 6 PM til’ 11 ..  Steve and The Marquis are on 9 – 10 … Hope you can make it!

Tiny Epic Zombies

In Tiny Epic Zombies, survivors are always on the run, collecting weapons, killing Zombies and working toward completing objectives. Completing 3 objectives can win you the game but if you’re too focused on the objectives, the Zombies will overrun the mall and that will be the end of you.

Codenames For Family Game Night

A store favorite “Codenames” pick up your copy for Family Game Night only $19.99

Stephen King Hardcovers

A quick update on available Stephen Hardcovers.

First Editions

  • The Dead Zone, near fine condition
  • Different Seasons, library marking but still in very good condition
  •  The Dark Tower V, very good
  • The Dark Tower VI, very good


Who Goes There?

Originally a novella  was first published in the August 1938 Astounding Science Fiction. In 1973, the story was voted by the Science Fiction Writers of America as one of the finest science fiction novellas ever written. It was adapted in 1951 and again in 2011 as the cult Classic movie “The Thing”.

Now in 2018 its been adapted again as a multi player board game.  We carry Who Goes There The Deluxe Version which comes with all 4 expansions in one box.