Annual Lioness Murder Mystery

Tickets still available call Margaret 289-213-3334

New Games & Restocks

Sagrada is a stunningly beautiful game and scores 7.7 on BoardGameGeek.

New from Looney Labs is Anatomy Fluxx 

And we have restocks in This War Of Mine and The Manhattan Project

Tubyrinth – In Store Demo

Over the Easter weekend I had the opportunity to play Tubyrinth with my family. In short this game was easy to learn and play. It has a rules set that lets adults play at one level and children at another that makes it fun for everyone.  Read more about it here. We have a demo of this game in store so come on in and give it a try.

Magic The Gathering

I have a sealed box of Masters 25 available at $236.00 tax included also today the new Challenger decks arrived $39.99 each.