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Dragonfire $69.99

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate $59.99

Terraforming Mars $77.99

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A village building legacy game $84.99

Charterstone features the following:

  • no rulebook: just open the box and the game will tell you what to do next
  • engine-building elements within each game and over the course of the campaign
  • a branching storyline where short-term decisions impact long-term mechanisms
  • time as a resource, impacting the cost to use buildings and player order
  • 75 “crates” to unlock: 350+ unique cards and 230+ wooden tokens

Charterstone Recharge Pack

The Charterstone Recharge Pack contains the components for a second campaign of Charterstone. It is completely optional as Charterstone is designed to be infinitely replayable after the first twelve-game legacy campaign.

The back side of the game board (included in the core game) is used for the second campaign. It contains all components that were permanently changed in the first campaign while allowing players to use unchanged components like wooden resources, meeples, and metal coins.

Munsch Mania Again!

All English / French Robert Munsch titles buy one get the second 50% off.

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Each book runs $7.99 – $8.99. Offer valid until Dec 23, 2017 while supplies last.

Codenames – Special $19.99

Codenames the award winning party game pre Christmas special.

Offer valid until Dec 23, 2017 while supplies last.

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